Jenna Drinks Beer That Came Out Of Her Bung

Jenna James, a young hottie who loves getting filthy is the featured rectal smoothie mixer for this week’s episode of Hardcore Smoothies. This totally hot girl is just addicted to anal sex! She just loves getting her anal hole filled ever since her anal cherry got popped. For such a young hottie, we can call her an experienced anal slut… but the question is, can she handle an anal beverage mix this intense?

Hands down, the answer is yes! The young whore eagerly offered her sweet fresh bung and let the guys make her anal hole gape by stretching it with a butt clamp which she handled quite well. Any other nympho her age would squirm and show pain, but Jenna James even appeared as if she’s loving the anal stretching session!

Once this young slut’s asshole gets used on being stretched to the max, Jenna begged for the guys to empty the whole content of a big bottle of booze straight inside her bung hole! The raunchy chick lets the beer simmer in her anal hole for a couple of minutes before pouring it all out! Then the slut swallows every single drop while teasing the camera! From her ass to her mouth, now that’s a unique and refreshing way to get pissed drunk with beer!
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