Max Mikita Licks The Smoothie On Her Sticky Speculum

Hardcore Smoothies brings us yet another scorching hot solo and anal filling action with the health conscious Max Mikita! This naughty Asian porn nympho loves working out at the gym and after each and every work out sessions, this babe only has one thing on her mind! Get a tasty protein shake that she’ll mix and pour into her spread anal hole!

For this week’s anal smoothie recipe, Asian bitch Max prepped all the ingredients needed to have her very special anal smoothie mix! Watch her mixed the fresh milk and gold standard 100% whey protein mix in a blender while wearing only her laced up panties, giving us pervs great views of her small ample jugs and lips watering ass! See her slide that speculum deep in her asshole, easing it and then and locking into place as it stretches her anal hole as wide as it can! She then poured the healthy smoothie mix inside her anal hole, and once that smoothie is stuffed to capacity in her rectal cavity, Max rolls back to her feet and lets the butt smoothie escape from her rectal cavern and into the glass for her to enjoy.

See this gorgeous Asian babe swallow every single drop of that anal smoothie mix is simple the bomb! Head on over to Hardcore Smoothies!

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