Vanessa Videl Screams For Ice Cream!

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Vanessa Videl loves her ice cream! This hot cougar got all excited when she found out that she’ll be using her favorite dessert as her rectal beverage here in Hardcore Smoothies. Vanessa has chosen to add some strawberries to make her ice cream ass smoothie even more yummy. Vanessa blends up a box of her favorite low-fat ice cream and strawberries, and has  it poured inside her gaping asshole, thanks to our trusty speculum.
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Vanessa Videl smiles with pleasure as the special drink is stuffed into her rectum. We fill her up some more and when we can’t fit one more drop of her ice cream ass smoothie, she flips out of the piledriver position and lets it run out of her butt into the glass below. She eagerly swallows down the mixture that was filling her butthole cavity only a moment ago and seems proud of her accomplishment.
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Check out Vanessa Videl over at Hardcore Smoothies and share in her joy for ice cream butt smoothie!
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Tyla Wynn Mixes Up Something Sweet Inside Her Butt

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Tyla Wynn is a pefect all-American girl who can be very ladylike when the moment is right and then such a bitch the next minute. Check her out making her special butt smoothie in her quicy hot-pink boots. Tyla opted for cane sugar, fresh milk and slices of citrus to make a tasty treat for her butthole to enjoy. Its milky white color would leave no room for error should she not be totally clean inside.
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And how much butt smoothie could we expect to come back out? There is always an amount that stays lost in the anus, only to leak out hours and days later, we have been told. To celebrate the occasion, we had Tyla drain her ass smoothie into a a glass and drink it up through a unusually shaped straw! Be sure you watch her suck back the ass smoothie, still steaming from sitting inside her butthole, and smile the entire time for our camera.
hot tyla wynn smoothie
To see more of Tyla Wynn and her special ass concoction, head on over to Hardcore Smoothies. Bottoms up!
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Jenna James Drinks Beer From Her Ass!

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Jenna James is the most recent young hottie to appear on the site Hardcore Smoothie. This totally fuckable chick is already experienced with anal sex. She was very eager to let us gape open her asshole with our special speculum to give us a nice look deep inside her ass. For almost any other young lady, having a speculum gape their rectum is a somewhat bizarre and slightly painful experience, but Jenna loves it.
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Jenna allows her anal cavity to be filled to the absolute top with an entire bottle of beer. The next step is for her to let the rectal brew all pour out of her butt into a glass so she can swallow it right before your eyes. Watch her as she empties the glass and the liquor goes from pooper to stomach in just seconds!
hot jenna james smoothie
For more on Jenna James and her beer spewing butthole, check out Hardcore Smoothies. Delicious!
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Gabrielle Gets An Anal Caffeine Fix

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There’s nothing to get you energized like a serving of strong chilled expresso coffee in the morning… especially if it’s served from your butt! Gabrielle, who has really
big tits, agreed to mix her favorite coffee drink with ice, then let us gape her butt with a speculum. With her butthole spread open wide and her jumbo silicone boobs hanging around her neck, we look inside her anal cavity before pouring in the iced coffee ass smoothie.
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Gabrielle found out what we already knew: that caffeine is very rapidly absorbed into your bloodstream through the rectum, so she was bouncing off the walls just minutes after this one. So from butt to mouth, she drained the smoothie out of her rectum and into the glass waiting for it. Then she drank every drop that came out of her rectum!
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See more of hot cougar Gabrielle and her favorite ice coffee beverage over at Hardcore Smoothies. Enjoy!
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Health Nut Max Mikita Mixes Up Protein Drink In Her Butthole

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Max Mikita is very concious about her health. She worked out deep in the gym and this is her reward: a deicious protein shake that she’ll mix and let us pour into ther spread anus. For her smoothie she chooses only the healthiest of ingredients: fresh milk and gold standard 100% whey protein mix. Max, who has small perky tits and exotic Asian looks, is so excited to taste the smoothie from her own stinker that she can’t wait to get naked and mix it up.
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The speculum slides into her asshole with ease and locks into place so she is stretched wide to accomodate every drop that will be poured inside her. Once she is splooged to capacity in her rectal cavity, Max rolls back to her feet and lets the ass smoothie escape from her rectal cavern and into the glass for her to enjoy.
hot max mikita smoothie
Swallowing a healthy drink never tasted so fine! For more of this sexy brunette health buff, head on over to Hardcore Smoothies. Let’s toast to that!
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Zoey Holloway Uses The Freshest Ingredients For Her Butt Beverage

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Fresh fruit is key to making a delicious butt smoothie, so Zoey Holloway used delicious fresh strawberries in her recipe. The better it tastes going inside the girl’s asshole, the better it will taste when it comes out mixed with lube from the speculum and ass jelly from brutal inside her gaping rectum. Only the freshest ingredient will do for this sexy babe in knee-high socks and pigtails!
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Zoey got the chills when her ass smoothie was poured inside of her, but loved the fact she was getting filled up with vitamins and nutrients at the same time. When the time came, she was eager to squeeze the smoothie from her bum and show it off to our HD camera for inspection. As the butt smoothie slid down her throat, she tasted every ounce of goodness from the strawberries and her asshole, so be sure you enjoy it along with her!
hot zoey holloway smoothie
See more of sexy babe Zoey Holloway and her fruity beverage at Hardcore Smoothies. Cheers!
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Vivian West Makes A Creamy Strawberry Ass Smoothie

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Vivian West obviously puts her butt to good use on a daily basis because getting the speculum to slide into her rectum is just like a hot knife passing through butter. For her ass smoothie, she decided to mix up a creamy strawberry concoction that was sure to chill her insides to the bone. The capacity of Vivian’s pooper is rather surprising, which is probably the result of years of being ass pumped by monster-sized cocks.
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We kept pouring and pouring her ass smoothie and then when we finally pulled out the speculum, her asshole remained in a gape for us to see the creamy concoction sitting in her ass waiting to make its way into her mouth. Then she pushed it all out and quickly drank the ass smoothie with unflappable delight.
vivian west smoothie
Check out more of hot blonde Vivian West and her delectable butthole beverage over at Hardcore Smoothies. Tasty!
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Bailey Brooks Mixes Up A Creamy Fruit Cocktail In Her Ass

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Guess who’s in the mood for some rectal smoothie? Fuckable hottie Bailey Brooks is always in the mood for hard dick up her butt. But today this gorgeous stunner is craving for something different to stick up her gaping butthole. And she’s the mood for something icy, sweet and fruity!
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It’s always an extra-special treat when the girls we find to drink an ass smoothie from their own rectum also have killer bodies. This big busted babe is alluring in every way and is eager to prepare her favorite concotion of creamy fruit cocktail smoothie that she will let us pour into her gaping asshole held open by a speculum.
hot bailey brooks smoothie
Check out Bailey Brooks making her own special beverage using her butt and then drinking it all up; head on over to Hardcore Smoothies. Let’s drink to that!
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Sophie Dee’s Refreshing Butt Smoothie

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Sexy starlet Sophie Dee sure  loves to goof around with her speculum, she looks so sexy with her dark hair and her deep blue eyes. We are never short of cute hotties willing to prepare ingredients and pour the mixture inside their own butts before spiting it back into a glass and swallowing it all.
hot sophie dee ass smoothie
Today we asked Sophie to make her favourite drink in her butt for us. She prepares her specialty concoction, which is a mix of whipped cream and canned strawberry banana smoothie mix. Once the speculum had served it’s purpose in gaping her ass good and wide, she moved around to mix the concoction in her rectum.
hot sophie dee butt smoothie
The result was a refreshing ass smoothie that she enjoyed drinking down to the last drop. Check out Sophie Dee and her special beverage drink over at Hardcore Smoothies. Yummy!
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Moxxie Maddron’s Tough-Girl Ass Smoothie

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Moxxie Maddron is one tough sexy chick. She has a serious face that’s strangely erotic, a pair of hot breasts that begs to be licked and caressed, and a firm ass that l just want to pinch to see it, all in a slim, well-toned, and obviously well-taken care of body! She is really a hot tough mama and she has no problem attracting guys of all ages!
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But what really makes Moxxie Maddron hot are her photos of her making ass smoothie! You read right! Moxxie knows how to make a one mean creamy butt smoothie. You’ll see just how tough Moxxie is  when this raven-haired beauty bravely sticks a speculum in her rectum and have an ice-cold smoothie poured down her butthole straight from the blender!

hot moxxie maddron smoothie
Yeah! Seeing Moxxie Maddron drink up all of her ass smoothie is just too much to handle! Check out all of Moxxie’s smoothie-making action over at Hardcore Smoothies. Enjoy!
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